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CSP Archives: About the Band Essays
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A Very Schpecial Holiday A Very Schpecial Holiday

About Clark Schpiell and the Furry Cockroaches Without Butts' Christmas Album, an abject failure. [more...]
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Your Daughters: a CSP Album Review, by Joseph G. Carson, | May 29, 2001
The Lost Track, by Joseph G. Carson, | April 23, 2001
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Paparazzi Party III, by Chris Nett, | March 25, 2001
From “Houndstooth Heaven”, by Joseph G. Carson, | March 11, 2001
Paparazzi Party II, by Chris Nett, | February 21, 2001
Paparazzi Party I, by Chris Nett, | February 14, 2001
CSATFCWB Album Covers: Fear the Lawn Gnomes, by David Nett, | January 23, 2001
Boy-Nett Branches Out, by Chris Nett, | July 10, 2000
Fear the Lawn Gnomes Napkin, by David Nett, | March 18, 2000
World Tour Poster, by David Nett, | October 10, 1999
Joseph’s Resignation, by Joseph G. Carson, | October 01, 1999
The Lost Interview, by Joseph G. Carson, | August 01, 1999
The CSATFCWB Story, Chapter 7, by Joseph G. Carson, | July 02, 1999
The CSATFCWB Story, Chapter 1, by Joseph G. Carson, | July 01, 1999
The CSATFCWB Story, Foreword, by Joseph G. Carson, | June 30, 1999
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