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CSP: Mix
a CSP ongoing series

So you've got your iPod (or other miscellaneous music player), impossibly small and light, gleaming so bright in the midday sun that you are almost blinded by its beauty. As you wipe tears of joy away from your cheeks, you are hit by a sudden wave of fear: how are you ever going to know what songs are good enough -- no, perfect enough -- to live on your shining new friend?

Never fear -- we here at CSP have got your back. We've carefully compiled these playlists to be the perfect companions for almost any occaision. Just select a list, and be transported to musical bliss. Your iPod will thank us.

Summertime - a CSP Mix | August 01, 2006
Revolutionary - a CSP Mix | April 27, 2006
Live in Love - a CSP Mix | February 09, 2006
Happy Holidays - a CSP Mix | December 15, 2005
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