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Dear Lesbian: Introduction
by athena   November 22, 2004

What exactly is the "gay agenda?" No, really, what is it? This term is constantly thrown around when talking about gay marriage, gay rights, gay whatever. So I figure if I'm confused as to what this leviathan called "gay agenda" is, you non-gays must be really confused.

So here's your chance to talk to an actual, living, breathing, happy, confident, well-adjusted lesbian who just happens to be hot as well. Write me. Ask me anything. What do you want to know? It could be about who I find attractive, my likes, dislikes, wants, needs, goals, aspirations and yes, even my agenda. I figure the only way to fight homophobia is to educate. So go ahead, what is it you wanted to know about homosexuality but were afraid to ask? Or maybe you don't know any gays and have never had the opportunity to talk to one. So now you can.

E-mail away and I will answer your questions as quickly, thoroughly and honestly as I can. You've heard of Dear Abby? Well, strap one on -- um, I mean, strap yourself in, because it's time for: Dear Lesbian.

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