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My Movie

by david    Feb 18, 2002

It's 11:03pm on Friday, and I just finished watching Bottle Rocket.

Why can't I make a movie like Bottle Rocket? I mean, I've got all of the tools. I've got ideas for stories, and I can write pretty well -- better than a lot of screenplays I've read in the past few years. What's more, I've got Final Draft and, even tho it's version 5 and won't run in OSX (even in Classic 'cause OSX reads the CDROM drive differently from OS9), I can boot into OS9 to use it if I need to, and then my writing will even be formatted correctly, without me doing any extra work. I actually have half of a screenplay written, adapted from one of my favorite Sci-Fi novels. I wrote it before I switched to OSX.

Plus, I know at least three really excellent writers. One is my friend Rick, who's written one screenplay already (that I know of -- there's a great role in it for me), and some great plays. The second is Jason, who is a regular writer for CSP and has an MFA in playwriting. An MFA. And he's written a lot of really good plays. And my writer friend Jeanette is a lesbian, which is very marketable right now, and I think has her MFA, too. That's gotta put us ahead of the game right there. A screenplay and a half, tons of plays, two BFAs, two MFAs and a lesbian. That's a good start.

And I'm a helluva actor. (Should that be a "helluvan actor?" I don't know. I bet Jason would. MFA.) Seriously -- I'm not famous or anything yet, but I've done a lot of work, especially stage work, that I'm very proud of, and I'v egotten some good reviews. I don't have a theatrical agent yet, but I've got both my SAG and AFTRA cards, and a good commercial agent, so I'm on my way. I'm really just poised to be discovered, which is what films like Bottle Rocket do for actors like me. And a know a bunch of other good actors, too. My wife is excellent. And all of the CSP guys are good, too. I think Martinsen would be good, if he gave it a try. He almost did in high school, but then he got cast in a student-directed piece by an annoying girl we all hated and dropped out. He'd have been good, though.

The movie should probably be something comic, but introspective -- like Bottle Rocket. Jason wrote a short novel right after undergrad called Abacus -- that'd be a perfect movie. Or, Rick's play, School of Jesus Fish, would be a really great film as well, and probably easier to produce since the cast would be smaller and it'd be primarily shot indoors. It's very serious, but in kind of an indie-film kind of way. That's maybe where I should start. I'm getting very excited now with so many options presenting themselves to me. Oh, plus I live near Hollywood -- that's where the magic happens.

I know a handful of folks who could gather a production crew, too. And, I have Final Cut Pro and a good, fast desktop Mac on which to edit, if we shoot digital. I haven't edited a film before, thoough, so we'll have to find someone to help with that. My friend Rob could help. He's done it.

I'll need to sit down and write out a plan -- I'll do that right away. I'll need to raise some money eventually, but I'll worry about that later. Man, I'm excited. It'd be cool if I could get my cat, Westley, in a shot. We'll see.

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