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You love CSP and want to take us everywhere, but your brain is not always wired directly into the inter-nets. Oh, horrible dilemma! Fortunately, thanks to the magic of podcasting, CSP is proud to offer audio versions of the essays you love, read by the author and available for free right here on this site, and through Apple's iTunes Music Store.

Download the audio versions below (most recent are at the top) or under the "Podcasts" section of Apple's iTunes Music Store (instructions at the bottom of this page), or look for the "listen" icon next to the title of your favorite essay. Then, load them into your favorite MP3 player, and take them wherever you go!


title author read by date posted format
Ports in a Storm david david 02/27/06 mp3 read essay download podcast
Republic of Fear david david 02/07/06 mp3 read essay download podcast
Super, Part 1 david david 01/13/06 mp3 read essay download podcast
Dinner Without Mom david david 01/10/06 mp3 read essay download podcast
the Plan david david 09/07/05 mp3 read essay download podcast

Find CSP: Listen in the iTunes Music Store

To find CSP: Listen in the iTunes Mucis store, open iTunes, select "Music Store" in the left-hand navigation, and click "Podcasts" (on the home page of the music store, on the left side, a few items down from the top). Then use the "search all podcasts" tool to find "clark schpiell" (see diagram below).


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