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A Day of Kirk
A Review of The Creators' Recent Release
by kirk   October 14, 2005

kirk roos Let me start off by saying, as a person in the audience observing this piece, this was a most fantastic feature and likely one of the best I'll see all year! Though I'm usually not one for the "audience participation," I enjoyed the special effects, visuals and certain feeling that I was in the room the entire time for Kirk's every little pain in his gut from too much coffee and the super-annoying headache he got from having to write an email to that one particular "colleague" of his who he's trying to dump. Again, as an observer, I really had to appreciate the effort made on part of the artist to take me along for the bumpy ride. It's not a ride I'll likely go on again, but I definitely went away from this "trip" feeling like it was a worthwhile experience. From every little cracking of Kirk's neck at his desk to actually listening to a credit card debt collector's entire schpiell, I would say that A Day of Kirk is a must-see for everyone!

As the picture opened, full grays and blues meshed into a fog-like dissolve with just enough sun peaking through a nearby window that I could not see -- and then straight to black again. It was very subtle at first, and then bold as fast as you could close your eyes. (And Kirk did.) I felt the artist was really giving us that "look, this is how a day starts for Kirk," feel, and it worked. I felt very much like the main character, and that I, too, was just about to wake.

Right off the bat, I very much enjoyed the dream the artist allowed Kirk to have when awaking that morning -- on a scale of 1-10, I'd say it was an 8 1/2. What it lacked in structure, it very much made up for in creativity and sensuality. I do so enjoy a good "what if" dream and certainly the young ladies he was "hanging out with" in the dream were well cast and very good "on screen."

As I do not usually wake up at 5:45 a.m., the chilly morning was refreshingly welcomed with heavy sheets over Kirk's head, with just enough room for his nose holes to breathe cold air, and I especially appreciated the extra hour or so of psychedelic "I've done nothing with my life" thoughts until around 6:52 when Kirk nearly dozed off again. That hour was great -- very paranoid, over-thought and terribly self-destructive and sad ... I can relate! However, I'm not a large fan of cats, especially new kittens who mew too much and make a lot of noise chasing each other in the morning. I could've done without that additional soundtrack -- I felt it distracted too much from Kirk's sleep.

The artist of this piece really had me dumbfounded when Kirk was dealing with the ins and outs of owning a business all day long, and I think he/she took special time pointing out how, in life, good things happen only after a couple of really crappy things, and that the true victory is in the ever so slight peak at defeat and anticipated giving up all together, while maintaining professionalism and ultimate "I'll never go down without a fight" attitude. I felt the artist was allowing me, as a viewer, to realize what Kirk would not find out until later, that good things do come to those who wait. Perhaps a little too cliche -- pushing the "obvious" button a few times -- but I've seen the Creators' past works, and this is typical for him/her. And, still, I must say, though I knew the whole time it'd all work out in Kirk's favor, that there were moments I was, like, yelling at the screen, "Look out behind you -- that's a person who's going to screw you over good!"

In the end, when Kirk found out that he had A) qualified for the small business loan and B) received the new contract from the University for more media work, all within the same hour, I was like, "Wait--would that really happen?" And, though that coincidence took something away from the reality of the situation, I did feel that it was a nice way to wrap up the story in a sort of "it could happen" way -- if, and only if, life is truly random as some assume it is.

All in all, I am looking forward to the sequels (yes, plural)! I've heard rumor they'll be numerous, and that just excites me. In the near future, I hope the Creators will involve Kirk in more fancy dinners at the new restaurant (10 North Main) near where he lives, and give him better bowling scores and more highly vivid and imaginative imagery in dreams. I felt this entire story could be told in a series of those dreams...but I digress. If you're in the mood for a real zany, slice of life piece with poignant comedy and plenty of heart-wrenching realism, see A Day of Kirk as soon as possible. It's addictive, overwhelming, and charming in a Charlie Brown sort of way! Now that's some gooood grief!

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