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Dear Mac
by carrie   June 28, 2006

apple macbook Dear Mac,

You're only a week old and I've already fallen love with you. Your sleek & sexy black design and your logo which lights up thrill me. The fact that I can tuck you away out of harms' way at a moment's notice is so handy and I'm beginning to really love the wireless internet.

You came with so many adorable features ... my personal favorite, although quite silly and unnecessary, is Photo Booth. I have already had hours of fun with my friends making goofy faces and taking picture with the embedded iSight camera (which I also love). It's been a while since I've laughed til I cried...and this did the trick. Who knew that having a 'fun-house' filter on a camera, in a portable computer would be just what I needed, and yet ... you knew.

You were cranky when I loaded in Final Cut Pro HD 4.5. You wouldn't open. In fact you threw a tantrum and I had to go searching the discussion groups online to find out what could possibly be wrong. You were missing a video card...? What? I was confused but with a little help from my online friends and some finagling you now run FCP just fine. Okay, so maybe you don't play the real-time preview transitions without dropping frames but because you are so fast & so efficient I don't even mind having to render them before I can go on.

A friend asked me if I had named you yet. I hadn't thought about it. Your older brother (aka "The G4") has always simply been known as that: The G4, but calling you "Dual Intel" just didn't seem to have the right fit to it. Although you pack a powerful punch you don't look like a Dual Intel so it wasn't right. I thought about Ed, Phil, Chip (I do know you're a boy...) but have decided that Mac will be good enough. Simple. Easy. Basic. Mac. Perfect.

I have yet to explore all of your features. Some of them are new to me (things like the dashboard, comic life and the board games), some I've played around with on other people's computers (GarageBand) and some have been so completely revamped since I used them last (iMovie, iDVD) on The G4 that I will have to try them out again. I only have to find the time.

I have edited an entire wedding on you in a short week. I have downloaded music from iTunes and have given my friend across the country a tour of my house with the built in camera. I adore video chatting and am urging my friends to buy your cousins up so we can all chat with webcams.

I can't wait to take you places, use you to play music at our wedding dance, watch movies on the way to our honeymoon, edit video from remote locations and email from my backyard.

I love the fact that you are all mine. That no one else claims you and I don't have to share you with anyone (although I will with my honey ... if he's good and doesn't spill any food on you or drop you).

I'm looking forward to many happy years together.


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