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Not Everybody Does It, But Everybody Should
by athena   December 13, 2004
dildo, sex, toy

Ahhh. San Francisco. The air is crisp and chilly as I ride the trolley car up the hill to Polk Street. Ting, Ting! Here we are! And there it is, a few blocks up. My destination - Good Vibrations.

The store is located next to a hair salon, it has a big, proud marquis, right out there for everyone to see, nothing fancy. I walk in and the store is bright and open. There's nothing hidden in a back room, no sleazy lighting. The customers looked comfortable - let me say, most looked comfortable, a few looked sheepish and nervous, but that quickly faded when one of the workers, a guy with black hair and a few piercings came up and ask "do you need any help or have any questions?" No whispering, no giggling, no judging, no embarrassment. I could see them relax. I could almost see them thinking "oh wait, what I want, what I'm looking for is what everybody here is looking for - to pleasure myself sexually, or to pleasure my partner sexually - is normal. Whether it involves a riding crop, butt plugs, vibrators, cock rings - it's normal, and fun and naughty and nasty and messy. Two consensual people, straight or gay, having fun with their bodies, experimenting. How exciting! And nobody's business because what someone does privately to themselves or to a consenting other doesn't effect me at all!

By the way, Good Vibrations, for those few of you who don't know, is a sex toy store for everyone - women, men, gay, straight - filled with porn DVDs, again, right out in the open, not hidden in some back room. There are all kinds of books - erotica (hetero and homo), self-help, instructional and how to books, as in "Inspired Fellatio - Straight From A Gay Man's Mouth" (it's geared to straight women), "The Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica" (I bought this one). It's also filled with vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings, harnesses, all kinds of lube (I bought the Slip Inside Gel), condoms, riding crops - everything you might want to experiment with to find a better orgasm, to find what you or your partner likes sexually, and probably a book to tell you how to do it, or a video to show you. It's interesting and titillating - speaking of nipple clamps. Including dildos. I'm sure you all have one, but for those few who don't, let me explain.

A dildo is a silicon (hard rubber) sex toy shaped like a penis. They come in many sizes, small, medium, large, and then there were the gourd-sized dildos, and anyone who can get those in - well, my hat's off to you. Now, a dildo doesn't vibrate, but a vibrator can also be used as a dildo. You know how people say that women are lesbians because they haven't found the right dick yet? Guess what, I found it! It's a nice size, good weight, and it's royal blue marble. Very pretty. I might even display it right out there on the coffee table next to Martha Stewart Living.

I wasn't the only one making a purchase that day.

I saw heterosexual couples buying gay porn. I saw another straight couple in their late-fifties trying to decide which lube they wanted. There was a straight girl helping her gay friend pick out a butt plug, and she decided to also get one for her boyfriend. There was a group of forty-something women who were very uncomfortable and giggly when they first came in the store, but then left with armloads of books and paraphernalia. When you check out, the staff gives you a pamphlet about how to care for your toys how to ensure your sex is safe. The atmosphere was free. Free! It's a wonderful feeling.

I thought to share this fun little excursion after I read that the new health books the Texas school board has purchased, books that will remain in their system for at least 10 years, have NO - I repeat - NO mention of contraception. They teach abstinence only. As an aside, Texas is among the highest in teen pregnancy. A coincidence? It must be!

Go on. Order something. No one will know. You can do it in secret, have it delivered to your home or somewhere else. Go on, treat yourself. It has nothing to do with anyone but you and/or the person (or people) you do it with. Here is the Good Vibrations website - It's your body, have fun with it. And for all you others, it's none of your business what other people do sexually. You have to realize that things that are done in private among consensual adults don't effect you in the least. So please get off our backs. Or just get off. You need it. I know where you can get a nice fist-shaped butt plug...

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