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the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country
chapter 3: to the Country

by Justice H. Baldenbrach   March 17, 2003
(as read to eli in a monotone voice by his robot babysitter)

Exactly one month and ten days following Doctor Baxter's visit to Sir Leopold, a letter from the famed explorer arrived at the home of his brother, Franklin Allgemeine Zeitung Von Kanker. Franklin Allgemeine Zeitung, a quieter man than the elder Leopold, lived in the country with his wife and son, where he owned a farm and spent the long days raising twigs, nuts, and moss.

"Franklin Allgemeine Zeitung, there's a letter from your brother here," called out his wife, Enid.

"A letter from Leopold? My, but he hasn't written in well over a year," mused Franklin Allgemeine Zeitung. "Cashew?"

"Not tonight, darling. Shall I read the letter aloud?"

"By all means."

Enid slipped the letter from its envelope. "'Dear Franklin Allgemeine Zeitung,'" she read. "'Forgive me for not having written sooner, but, as I am sure you know, I have been somewhat indisposed by my long journeys into the Prussian wilds and, more recently, my dealings with the so-called 'Press' here in the city. Doubtless you are aware that I recently came into possession of two interesting specimens of the Primate family while on expedition; and, charming young people though they already are, I feel they would benefit both materially and spiritually from an extended stay in the countryside, which, I am told, is generally considered to have something of a calming effect. Therefore please expect me to arrive at your rustic domecile, accompanied by above-mentioned primates, for an extended stay of indefinite length beginning the day after tomorrow. Yours, Leopold.'"

"Splendid," cried Franklin Allgemeine Zeitung. "They shall arrive in time to help plant this season's twigs, nuts, and moss, and little Sigmundt here will have some playmates. That is a relief, for he is a sickly child!"

"Oh, papa," called a weak voice from the corner, as pale, wasted Sigmundt struggled to raise himself from his invalid's cot. "Please, you must let the Feral Wolf Twins sleep in my own bed, for now I am too weak to climb the stairs to my room."

"Indeed they shall," replied his mother. "And your kindness will be soon repaid in heaven, Sigmundt, for you are not long for this Earth." On this news, a happy smile spread across little Sigmundt's sunken face, and he sighed contentedly before convulsing into an odd kind of seizure.

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