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Goodbye, Timmy
or, "Oh, those guys. I liked that robot, Crow. Pass the syrup."

by David
Feb 22, 2001

According to a recent article, an online humor magazine beloved to all of us here at Clark Schpiell Productions may soon be no more.

I know -- we were as stunned as anyone. Apparently, according to the article, the geniuses at (the same brilliant Minnesota minds who brought Mystery Science Theater 3000 to our televisions -- more evidence of the superior intellect of midwesterners) have decided to stop producing new work for TBH, and let the site fade away. Apparently, these silly fellows are obsessed with "making money," and an online humor site does not seem the right path to such things in the current environment (believe us, it's true). To quote Mike Nelson:

"They were making claims like "What youčre doing is illegal," and that we were publishing "filth." Then they said, "Youčre not making any money." That was hard to argue, because I was poor."

Anyway, we here at CSP just want to express our deep regret that is being put to bed. The guys over there have helped populate the internet with some funny, bizarre shit over the last year or so, from the battling maple syrup ads to Kill a Guy, and everything in between, and the online humor community and all of the readers will sorely miss them.

So, Mike, Patrick, Bill, Paul and Kevin, thank you for some great work. We all enjoyed it thoroughly while it lasted, look forward to your next project, and wish you the best of luck. If you ever get the itch to publish anything online in the future, your work is more than welcome here.

And, if any of our readers have not yet visited, get over there while the gettin' is good.

And, if you have been there, and like the stuff as much as we do, send them an email to lend your support. The site will still go down (unless your email contains a few million dollars), but at least they will know we noticed, that we liked their stuff, and that we care.

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