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inheriting dust Inheriting Dust
a serial novel of drugs, sex, death and discovery

Inheriting Dust is a serial crime novel set in Texas, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, and other points around North America. It features severe alcoholism, drug use, long road trips, dead bodies and a cat named Felicia. It's being serialized exclusively in Clark Schpiell Productions. Every few weeks (or months, sometimes) a chapter or so is published here. As substantial parts of the novel are completed, electronic texts (in various formats) will become available.

Use the links below to get to any of the chapters, or to read them in order. Enjoy.

    Part 12 (Life and redwood: Edmund heads to Eugene.) -- 03/07/07
    Part 11 (Felicia stays, and Edmund goes.) -- 01/19/07
    Part 10 (take a breath, and start again.) -- 10/24/06
    Parts 1-9, revised and compiled -- 10/24/06 (PDF format)
    Part 9 (A little rest and affection.) -- 08/05/02 (revised 10/24/06)
    Part 8 (California, here they come.) -- 04/01/02
    Part 7 (Jake changes his name.) -- 03/11/02
    Part 6 (Jake goes to find Dave.) -- 02/18/02
    Part 5 (the journey takes a sinister twist.) -- 02/04/02
    Part 4 (Jake's visit turns sour.) -- 11/12/01
    Part 3 (Jake gets a late night visit.) -- 10/29/01
    Part 2 (Jake arrives in Austin.) -- 10/15/01
    Part 1 (the story begins.) -- 10/09/01

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