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Holocaust, & Other Myths
by jeremy   December 18, 2006

holocaust Iran is hosting a two-day conference to explore the validity of the Nazi Holocaust. Iranian Foreign Ministry official Manouchehr Mohammadi told Iran's state-run news agency, IRNA, that Iran's leaders would accept that the Holocaust occurred if scholars attending the conference could prove that the Nazi regime exterminated six million Jews during World War II.

He said the conference is to be held in response to international outrage at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's repeated assertion that the Holocaust is a myth. "If the Holocaust is a historical event, then is it not warranted to be looked into and researched?" Mohammadi asked rhetorically, as if "looking into" the Holocaust has never been done before.

Because of the negative reactions to the nature of the conference, Iran has not announced the names of the participants, but said it would include Jewish scholars and rabbis.

Mohammadi said if the conference proves the validity of the Holocaust, the next question examined will be, "Why should the Palestinians pay for the Holocaust?" Mohammadi said Tehran also plans to host conferences to look into what he described as genocide by Europeans against Native Americans, Africans and the Palestinians.

We at CSP are somewhat baffled by this conference. There is so much evidence related to the Holocaust that it's virtually impossible to see the denial of the event as anything but anti-Semitism. Even now, Germany is releasing to the public millions of Nazi-era documents related to the Holocaust. Do the deniers believe this is only now being done because the documents are forgeries and the people who were forging them are only now completing their work?

But perhaps some good can come out of the conference. Perhaps honest scholarship will be presented and, in the end, the Iranian President and others will see that the Holocaust really did occur. And as long as Iran is at it, we hope they will host conferences to put to rest some of these other lingering questions that so many accept as facts.

  1. We continue to hear that this planet is "round." Even from space, photos show that the Earth is round, like a circle, but not spherical. Let the world's scientists really prove--I mean really prove--the Earth isn't flat.
  2. How do we know that radios and television sets are "receivers" of signals and not boxes filled with thousands of very tiny people. If there are tiny people, which is possible, then the truth should be known so that the world can demand that these poor souls be freed.
  3. Do blondes actually have more fun? We at CSP know blondes who are less than bubbly. An international conference of renowned experts should set the facts straight.
  4. I also think the whole germ theory needs revisiting. I can verify, for example, that I caught hepatitis from staring at Sharon Johnson's cleavage in 9th grade biology class. There's no other explanation, my friends.

We would welcome investigation of these and many other matters, but I should state for the record that the outcome of this and future conferences is irrelevant. After all, the entire world is nothing more than a dreamed-up fabrication of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I wonder if he'll wake up one of these days...

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