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A Message from the Los Angeles Tourism Bureau
or, "it's not a 'riot,' it's a 'street fair'"

by David
June, 2000

June 20, 2000

A special note from the Los Angeles Bureau of Tourism

Welcome to Los Angeles Summer 2000: the best tourism summer ever! Not only do we have Disneyland, Universal Studios, The Getty Center Museum and a whole host of other museums, the Santa Monica Pier, the Queen Mary, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, and more celebrities than you can shake a stick at, we now have the best "improvised street parties" in all of the world! Here are just a few of the surprise attractions you can expect to see at our "riotous" gatherings:

  • Flaming City Buses
  • Overturned SUVs
  • Broken Store Windows
  • "free" computer equipment
  • Burning Police Cars
  • Rubber Bullets
  • Tear Gas
  • Garbage Fires
  • and Much, Much More!

"So," you say, "This sounds wonderful! But, how can I be certain that my next visit to LA includes one of these "so much fun it must be illegal" gatherings?" Well, though part of the charm of our "street festivals" is their unplanned nature, you can increase your chances of attending one by planning your vacation around:

  • Basketball Championships
  • Well-publicized Trials
  • Powerful Earthquakes
  • Wednesdays

The Los Angeles Bureau of tourism thanks you for considering LA as your next vacation destination. We'll give you more fun than you can shake a flaming stick at!

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