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CSP Mailbag: Athena's Last Word
by athena :: August 27, 2003

We here at CSP get our share of of email from readers. We try to open and read every email and letter, and respond to as many as we can. What follows is athena's response to david's response to tasha's (a reader) response to david's political essays. Whew.

(note: CSP does not edit its letters-to-the-editor in any way, not even to conceal our shortcomings.)

Subject: david's response to your response

Dear Tasha,

I have to apologize for David as he was clearly masturbating both literally and figuratively as he was writing his response to you because A) he was SO excited that he received an actual letter from an actual living, human who actually read something from his website and B) your letter gave him the opportunity he's been desperately waiting for - to write a long, boring response to a letter from an actual reader who actually read (and thought about!) something he wrote on his eager (eager like that geeky loser guy with perpetual T-zone acne who pathetically tries for years to somehow elevate himself from "just friends" to "more than friends" with his hot female friend who he's been "such a good friend to" since high school) website. Let me break down what's really going on here:

What David's response really said:

"Blah, blah!, blah, penis, blah, BLAH, politics, blah, blah, bleeding heart, understand people who are different from you, blah, blah. Blah, pretend to be a big supporter of women's right so my wife will still find my PENIS useful! Blah, blah, blah, blah ... penis!!!!!!"

What your letter really said:

"I'm writing stuff that's probably intelligent and coherent, but why should any of you care what I have to say since I didn't have the common courtesy to send along a sexy picture of myself so you can decide whether or not I'm hot enough to even consider the reading of my letter?"

Why indeed?

Athena Irving
CSP Content Watchdog Lesbian


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