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Live in Love - a CSP Mix
by kari, david, michelle, kirk, nikki, carrie, chris, dr. m, joseph, thorin, chad & craig   February 9, 2006

  1. Gorecki
  2. A Song For You
  3. There She Goes
  4. Helplessly Hoping
  5. God Only Knows
  6. Yours
  7. Baby I Love You
  8. In Perpetuity
  9. Jane
  10. September Song
  11. Romeo & Juliet
  12. Feels Like Home
  13. the Fragile
  14. For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her
  15. Maybe I'm Amazed
  16. Ribbons
  17. Time After Time
  18. Born to Run
  19. Nothing Can Change This Love
  20. Golden
  21. In My Life
  22. Harvest Moon
  23. Looks Like Rain
  24. Can't Help Falling In Love
  25. Love Theme from Blade Runner
  26. I Believe in a Thing Called Love
  27. Make You Feel My Love
  28. Tiny Vessels
  29. All My Little Words
  30. Let's Stay Together
  31. I Was Brought to My Senses
  32. Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You
  33. I'd Have to be Crazy
  34. As Time Goes By
  35. In Your Eyes

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Now, we know you've already made huge, earth-shattering surprise plans for you and your honey (wink). But, just in case you need that little extra something to top it off, why not download a wonderfully eclectic mix of songs hand-selected by the CSP staff to cut to the quick of that bizarre chemical reaction, that meeting of hearts and minds, that jangling together of personhood we call love?

Click on the song name to grab it from iTunes, or (for those songs which are not available through iTunes) from wherever we were able to find it.


The words sum up everything everyone wants and hopes to feel about another person, and have felt about them.

A Song for You
Donny Hathaway

Donny Hathaway has one of the most amazing voices you will ever hear. The night my first girlfriend and I broke up, I was driving back from her house and this fucking song came on. I wept like a six-year-old girl.

There She Goes
The La's

One of my all time favorites, this song is simple but joyous. The lyrical repetition mirrors the obsession of new lovers who can't stop thinking about one another.

Helplessly Hoping
Crosby, Stills and Nash

Dr. M
I'm not sure why this particular song is number three on my list. It is a beautiful song melodically, and the writing is strong. It's sort of a melancholy bittersweet song about love. I think it reminds me of the end of my relationship with M -- a confused state of not wanting it to end, but still wanting it to be over with.

God Only Knows
Beach Boys

Paul McCartney and I think that this may be the greatest song ever written. And when have I ever been wrong?

Blues Traveler

Probably the only good ballad they've ever done. Beautiful and rockin.' Need to include if I'd like to keep my balls (wifey and I danced to this at our wedding reception).

Baby I Love You
Jacob Carver

In 2004, Jacob Carver covered this Phil Specter classic at the request of our theater group, Lucid by Proxy, to be used as the closing music for our original play, Quickening. We got more than we bargained for with his haunting, soulful rendition, which sticks with you long after it is over. We used it again this summer for our newest play, Asymmetry. It's just too good to explain -- hear it for yourself.

In Perpetuity
Too Much Joy

A song about a couple, just the two of them forever and ever.

Barenaked Ladies

A lovely song about a friend that the singer wishes was more. My favorite BNL song.

September Song
Rod McKuen

Forget the fact that this song is largely known for being sung at weddings; Kurt Weill didn't get to be a favored collaborator of Bertholt Brecht for nothing -- his angular songwriting style paved the way for a diverse lot from Stephen Sondheim to Modest Mouse. Add to this the fact that the lyrics were written by hometown (NoDak) boy Maxwell Anderson, and you've got a winner. With its sense of love in the face of aging, this senimental yet not treacly tune is always a winner. Don't get the abbreviated Sinatra version; look for Rod McKuen's raspy, martini-up-with-olives rendition on the Kurt Weill: The Centennial Album.

Romeo & Juliet
Indigo Girls

This song is simply a "Kari" song -- if I could imagine a perfect duet for Kari and our friend Amy Lien, singing at any given wedding or lava lamp back room in college after 7-8 wine coolers and two beers, it would be this song. It would certainly warrant a full serviced foot rubbing. Inside jokes and references, I know. That's the point of a good song: memories.

Feels Like Home
Randy Newman

Craig lets his choices stand on their own, without comment. Take it.

The Fragile

Trent is not known for his ballads, but I think this one qualifies. It touches on seeing the beauty in someone else and a willingness to protect that person. It touches on the self-loathing that we all feel, even while feeling the warmth that love offers.

For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her
Simon and Garfunkel

Emily centers around a handful of moments in a single evening, and the glow of love that settles in something so simple as holding hands, or the way her body feels warm against you in the dark. Every love, remembered, is a series of these sparkling moments, and this song, in typical Simon and Garfunkel style, captures this universal truth in a simple refrainless narrative. I found this song when compiling a mix-tape for Shannon in college, and I always think of her. It's beyond brilliant.

Maybe I'm Amazed
Paul McCartney

A simple and beautiful song, by one of the great singer/songwriters. I prefer the album version from McCartney to the live version from Wings Over America.

Sisters of Mercy

Dr. M
This was one of the first songs that M had me go out and buy. When I was mudding and having that long distance relationship it was so fitting. I still think this song epitomizes our relationship. I guess I could categorize it as the theme song of my first great love.

Time After Time
Tuck & Patti

This song takes you to that exact time you first heard it -- so listen closely with people whom you really want to capture in your memory for life. For me it was Alicia and Ken in downtown Louisville, KY in the fall of 1995. It was hazy rainy, gray, but not night yet, and we must've listened to the song a good 13 times in one night.

Born to Run
Bruce Springsteen

I don't care what anyone says, this song, with its Spector-esque wall of sound and pure unadulterated bravado, is a triumphant ode to those few times in life when one is wide- and wild-eyed, drunk on the possibilities afforded by young love and a waiting world. Even Springsteen learned all too quickly (just listen to The River) that the giddy rush of early love fades into the hard-earned wisdom that life continually thrusts upon us. But "I want to die with you, Wendy, on the streets tonight / In an everlasting kiss..." If you can't at least recognize a version of yourself in that young arrogant romantic fool, then brother, I pity you...

Nothing Can Change This Love
Sam Cooke

Craig lets his choices stand on their own, without comment. Take it.

My Morning Jacket

This song might be to a lover, to his fellow bandmates, or to the muse herself, but Jimi James' elegiac ballad is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard or imagine I will hear. His solo acoustic version on Acoustic Citsuoca is stunning in its spare bravura elegance.

In My Life
The Beatles

I think this is a perfect love song. It takes account of all the things that happen & the people in one's life but highlights the most important person which I think is beautiful.

Harvest Moon
Neil Young

This one makes me think of my wife. 'Nuff said.

Looks Like Rain
Grateful Dead

Dr. M
This song was written by John Perry Barlow, who is quite an interesting guy, and performed by the Grateful Dead. It's also been covered by other artists. The best word I can think of for this song is sublime. A song about love, the fear of losing love, and acceptance that loving someone means they can go away.

Can't Help Falling in Love

I sang it to my wife, via Kariokee, when we first started dating. I've always been more of a Johnny Cash-man than an Elvis-man, but this song will always remind me of her.

Love Theme from Blade Runner

Pour yourself a glass of whiskey on the rocks. Ice down your swollen jaw. Lean back, close your eyes. Dream of unicorns and your half-remembered past. Are you an android? Maybe. Maybe not. But your girlfriend definitely is. It's too bad she won't live, but then again, who does?

I Believe in a Thing Called Love

With snappy lyrics and a kick-ass hook, this is as good a pop/love tune as you're going to find.

Make You Feel My Love
Bob Dylan

Great love song. Best known for Garth Brooks' cover, but don't forget the originator.

Tiny Vessels
Death Cab for Cutie

Sometimes love is as temporary as the bruises it leaves.

All My Little Words
The Magnetic Fields

Craig lets his choices stand on their own, without comment. Take it.

Let's Stay Together
Al Green

This song was playing when I walked into a room and saw Chris and realized that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We'll stay together unless he cheats on me, in which case I will kill him and scatter his body parts around the country.

I Was Brought to My Senses

Sting waxes poetic eclectic. The dude always manages to mix it up musically, and none better than this one. Not exactly a "love" song, but it'll do for me.

Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You
Tom Waits

This song describes perfectly the moment when you feel a connection with someone you've just seen but haven't yet met and the bittersweet hope that this one might work out is nearly enough to get you up off of that barstool.

I'd Have to Be Crazy
Willie Nelson

Simple, succinct, superb.

As Time Goes By
Louis Armstrong

A timeless classic that conjures up images of Rick's Cafe American, foggy runways and love sacrificed for a greater good. (All girls want to be Ingrid Bergman.)

In Your Eyes
Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel captures the sometimes irrational, overpowering passion of the human condition we call love so well in this song that it always gives me goosebumps. When I began rating my music in iTunes, this was the first song to get five stars.

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