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for Ma
or, "Happy Mothers' Day"

by david
May 12, 2001

I'm not a poet. I wrote several volumes of bad poetry in highschool, and a couple of poems in college that aren't so terrible. But it is not my forte. Still, it is Mothers' Day on the 13th, and I figure I owe my Ma something beside the cheesecake I sent her from "the Cheesecake Factory." So, here goes:

    When I said you were like Lila
    I didn't mean it, and it haunts me.
    I was young, and reckless
    with your heart,
    and I still can see the tears well in your eyes.

    As I grew, we grew apart, and
    finally, together.
    And, as I began to know myself, I began
    to know you, and to understand.
    And, now, when you smile, I smile, and
    when you cry.
    I try to comfort and calm,
    and I cry a little, too.

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