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Mothmen: A Solution
by eli   April 19, 2004
politics, gay, moth, man

I am a mothman, and I am not exposed of extinction as supposed.

I want to be able to live where you do, and the companion with whom I want. I want to be able to drive your cars and to eat your food.

Is this evil? Why is this erroneous? Why can you say to me? Years ago I went to a place where I lived in a box close to a sump. The box had a terrible odor. Why is it? It is because it is your defect.

You are bad people. Soon because of our inexpensive labour market you will be demolished. You will be a race of private apes. You will be sorry then as we carry your coffee drinks of slat and pour them on our shoes. As we laugh. As we dance. Soon!

I am covered in fine hairs and can fly. I have a Proboscis, which ripples itself/ crinkles. I date your daughter. I am a mothman!

A Mothman

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