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The HMS Pinafore: A Review by a Mothman
by eli   May 17, 2004
mothman, moth, man

I went yesterday to a darkened place and noticed a movement upon a raised plankage, which should represent a naval container and the comedy, which happened on it.

First there were stupid people idiots, which sang a song and danced. There was a man and then some more men. They sang and danced. But it was not enough!!

Then mothmen went to the stage explaining their own history. First they devoured the stupid men idiots. It was then when the mothmen danced and were good at it. Then they entered into the audience and poured their opened Teas and coffee drinks on their shoes ice-skates and feet. All breakdowns, Mothmen!

Then mothmen went on the stage and silence was on them, the silence which is the song of the mothman. The song was perfect! The wings were bared, and the heads. You cannot understand, foolish person that this hour reads this review. Therefore I will not explain. I laugh at your stupidity. They are friendless mind thoughts!

Then mothmen flew in the luminous lights above the stage and burst in the crowned holy flame! The silence which is the song of the mothman went indefinitely and on above for always. We all died! But not I, because I was sleeping before the end of the first song and all missed the rest of this performance.

Thus to conclude: I had a very good time at the HMS Pinafore. The part with mothmen was very good and I recommends this play to each possible everyone.

A Mothman

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