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The Mothman and the Merman
by eli   May 25, 2004
mothman, moth, man

The time is soon close that mothman will rule the country. It is then that the people are eaten. Mothman then will feel a necessity to form a policy for the Merman. Should the Merman be eaten or should it be left, in order to live?

The Merman is undoubted almost as beautiful, as like mothman beautiful. Certainly they know the song, which is silence. I must move to permit the Merman to live. The Merman must be in our government! The Merman must be a part of the cabinet, which forms the policy for mothman.

Why is this the case? Because the Merman is the voice, which can speak between mothman and the fishes!

This is the truth and you must with me in agreement-be!

Everyone knows, the fish to mothman is dangerous. Mothman flies over the water and the fish throw the water at the mothman. This makes mothman the wet and that is unfortunate. It is merry for the fish at expense of mothman! Of course this happens.

Let us congeal our pride and thus in agreement be: to throw stones at the fishes! Battle! Mothman, be victorious!!

If it is successful and the fish are our defeated, then, the Merman can explain to them, how they will help us! The Merman explains the fish to shave mothman and to lay oil on our bodies. The fish help us and we have joy. And who laughs the final time? Mothman!!!

So therefore you eat not the Merman, they are better than a fig leaf for this problem. I know that my statement about this fact makes some annoyed. If you are annoyed, I have compassion for you, because you are more stupider than mud. You are uninteresting and you cannot marry my cousins. You would like to marry them, because they are attractive like me. But my answer to you is: no! Get away from this place! Hectar hectar hectar hectar hectar hectar hectar!

Mothman plus Merman means: lucky mothman!

Yours really,
A Mothman

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