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My Kick-Ass Weblog
by david    June 24, 2002

I keep a weblog. I figured everybody else was doing it, so why not me? I'm an interesting guy, right? People like me, find me engaging and shit. Here's just a taste of that riveting blog - I dare you to tell me this is not fine-ass exciting stuff.

Today I went to work. I got in a fight with one of my co-workers. She's a total lame-ass. Then I went home and watched TV with Shannon.

Went to work today. Nothing happened. Went home and watched TV. Shannon made dinner.

Another day at work. TiVo taped "the Apple Dumplin' Gang." I watched it. Who am I to argue with TiVo?

Worked today. Then I watched TV.

Westley (my boy cat) was agitated this evening when I got home from work. I petted him. Then I watched TV.

Saturday today. No work. Just TV. I think Shannon said something funny. Don't really remember.

Reading my weblog tonight, I realized what a fucking genius I am. Someone should make a movie of this shit. Then I watched TV.

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