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NFL Draft '06 Analysis, 1 of 5
by jeanette   May 25, 2006

nfl, draft I Love Football! This year, I was obsessed with the draft and I can't wait for football season to start, which always culminates in me and Rick forcing David and his wife Shannon to have a Super Bowl party - since they have the house and biggest TV - and TiVo. (editor's note: technically, it's HD-TiVo. Take it.) Here are my 2006 Draft thoughts, slightly colored with a St. Louis Rams and USC bias.

Houston Texans
It seems that everyone but the Houston Texans knew they made the biggest mistake of their life when they didn't draft Reggie Bush as their first round draft pick. They should have taken Bush or Vince Young. They need a quarterback (sorry David Carr) but you're just not a franchise QB, and they would sell out if they drafted hometown hero Vince. Wait - I change my mind - they should have taken Vince (was that Texas/USC the best game or what? My friend's wife was even compelled to look up from her knitting to watch it - no joke). Mario Williams -- sure he'll be great, but he should also be thanking his lucky stars and sprinting to the bank with that big paycheck before he proves that he's worth, at most, two-thirds of that amount. So, Texans, good luck sucking again this year. Genius Moment: If Houston finishes last, which is very possible, they could pick up Brady Quinn out of Notre Dame. But if Quinn goes number one, they'll have to do some fancy footwork to afford him. And as far as I know, Quinn is the only "head and shoulders above the rest" QB in the draft next year.

New Orleans Saints
Speaking of Reggie, I can't wait to see Reggie Bush turn into one of the best running backs to ever play the game. Ever. He will be that good. Also, if Drew Brees is healthy and throws like he is able, New Orleans will have something to cheer about. They deserve it. In fact, the cheering started exactly one second after Bush was drafted. Bush is great for New Orleans. I think the New Orleans Saints could surprise like the Chargers did back in 2004. I believe that city and those people, who were and still are being screwed over by this government, will rally around the Saints and Reggie Bush and cheer them to a winning season. I hope so. New Orleans will be the most improved team in the league.

Tennessee Titans
I know it will be better if Vince Young can use his first year just to stay on the sidelines and gain experience, but I think the Tennessee Titans will have to put him in, what with the whole McNair controversy. The Titans really need McNair, but I wouldn't blame him if he left. It seems the Titans have been kind of shitty to him. However, if there's anyone who could live through an initiation by fire, and welcome it, it's Vince Young. I can't wait to watch Young as he progresses. Of all the quarterbacks in the draft - and in recent memory - there has never been anyone like him in the position. And don't compare Young to Michael Vick because Young will prove to be very different and much better than Vick ever was paid to be - which, by the way, was a joke. 10 years $100 million. Are you kidding me? To the Falcons I say, "suckers." Also, the Titans picked up LenDale White. First of all, I was always really pissed when his name was mentioned in the same sentence as that self-made loser Maurice Clarett. LenDale White should have been pissed too. He's going to prove all the overanalyzers wrong and be a great player very quickly. They also lost Eddie George, which is fine since he was getting up there, and we'll have to see how these rookie receivers pan out. At this point, I don't know if they'll finish very well, I think they need a big-time receiver and running back or TE to compliment White. Next year, if they could, they should grab that receiver from Notre Dame, Jeff Samardzija, or Dwayne Jarrett from USC.

New York Jets
Good job signing D'Brickashaw Ferguson who can only go by the very-cool nickname "Brick." The big question, who will be the quarterback? They have too many to choose from, but maybe finally someone will step up. Anyone? Anyone? The job is a fight between Brooks Bollinger, Kellen Clemens, Jay Fiedler, Kliff Kingsbury, Chad Pennington, Patrick Ramsey. I think Chad Pennington will start, suck or get injured, and then they'll put Patrick Ramsey in who will be so adequate they won't know what to do. Finally, they'll end up putting in Brooks Bollinger who will then be replaced by Kellen Clemens. Dark horse alert: Though I'm prejudiced because he's from my alma mater, Missouri, Brad Smith will be a great asset to the team. He was a QB at Missouri but they'll turn him into a receiver. I'm really glad he's getting a chance. Heck, with the QB issue, he just may end up taking a few snaps. Next year - clear out the QB position, trade, borrow and beg to try to get Brady Quinn. You'll see Quinn's name pop up a lot - mainly because he'll be the only superstar QB in the draft.

Green Bay
I'm sick of Brett Farve and "will he or won't he retire." Even with the acquisition of AJ Hawk, The Pack will be just about a sucky as they were last year. Farve is still a great QB and he should have asked to be traded to a team where he had a chance to win a ring. You know, I think he should have been traded to Tennessee. Who better to teach Young? Let Aaron Rodgers throw the ball in Green Bay already. Green Bay is in need of a major overhaul, but they can't do it until Farve leaves - or he decides he's got plenty of money and frees up some to pay for some quality protection. We'll see if they've done enough to beef up their O-line.

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