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NFL Draft '06 Analysis, 4 of 5
by jeanette   July 17, 2006

nfl, draft I Love Football! This year, I was obsessed with the draft and I can't wait for football season to start, which always culminates in me and Rick forcing David and his wife Shannon to have a Super Bowl party - since they have the house and biggest TV - and TiVo. (editor's note: technically, it's HD-TiVo. Take it.) Here are my 2006 Draft thoughts, slightly colored with a St. Louis Rams and USC bias.

San Diego Chargers
The Chargers: team that was so close, yet so far, for the last two years. Well, I'm excited to see Phillip Rivers finally step into the fray. God, the day Brees started throwing like he was channeling Troy Aikman (Hi Troy!), Rivers must have felt like he was kicked in the balls. Yes, it's getting late and my language is slowly turning blue. Anyway, I'm not sure of their draft picks (once I get my cushy announcing job at FOX or ESPN, they'll give me plenty of tape on these people), but I think Rivers could either be a little jumpy at first but settle in quickly, or he'll come in as a seasoned pro. How's that for decisiveness? Now we'll finally be able to see who was right back during the "Eli Manning wants to be traded to the NY Giants and will not play for those losers at San Diego" drama. Unfortunately, I can't give the "nyah, nyah you were wrong" to either team. Eli has already progressed at record speed and I bet Rivers will be right there right soon. And that baby Eli is just so goddamned sweet and cute. Sure San Diego has great weather, but there is nothing like New York City, and I don't blame Eli one bit.

Kansas City Chiefs
I'm from St. Louis so I'm not allowed to comment. Major overhaul needed here. Is Brodie Croyle the guy to replace Trent Green?

New England Patriots
Well, everybody says they chose well, and with Bill Belichick as coach, they're always a contender for the brass ring. And it appears Chad Jackson and Laurence Maroney are fine additions. The big news? Doug Flutie's retirement and should he be considered for the Hall of Fame? Without his career stats in front of me, I say yes. How many people last more than twenty years in any sport - especially football? Instead of announcing, he should hold lectures for a lot of players on the subject of "Integrity and Class." Paging Mr. Owens?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Well, um ... oh, hell, I have no idea. But I like that Cadillac Williams. Don't think Chris Simms will end up cutting the mustard.

Cincinnati Bengals
Man, that shot Carson Palmer took to his knee during the playoffs was nasty and heart-breaking. I think they possibly could have won the game had he not gotten hurt. I'm not overly excited about their draft choices, but if Carson Palmer is at 100%, and he must be, the Bengals have a chance to be right there come playoff time.

Pittsburgh Steelers
It looks like they picked up a good one in WR Santonio Holmes, and I like how his name rolls off the tongue. Can they win it again this year? I don't see why not, but don't think they will be in the final two.

Carolina Panthers
Deangelo Williams could be very good. In fact, I hope he's a superstar because he chose to play college ball close to home so he could be near his mother who has battled breast cancer. You can't buy that kind of karma.

Jacksonville Jaguars
It will be fun for Marcedes Lewis and Maurice Drew out of UCLA to play together. I think these guys will be stand-out players and contribute right away. All I've heard about them is they're good kids and hard workers (actually I haven't heard anything, just making that up). It looks like the beefed up their defense. If Leftwich takes his game up another notch they will give the Colts lots of trouble. They need to beef up their receiving team, but I think the Jags will finish ahead of Indy.

Indianapolis Colts
Joseph Addai has big shoes to fill what with the trade of Edgerrin James. Look, Peyton wants a ring really badly (sure, doesn't everyone?), so what if he gave up a few of his uber millions (and no, I'm not saying he doesn't deserve all he can get) to get the players they need to take them to the Super Bowl? It looks like they'll be relying heavily on the passing. My gut says as great as Peyton is, they won't win the big one this year either and they're going to sorely miss Edgerrin James.

Seattle Seahawks
Not bad (actually I have no idea how well they really did in the draft - it's late and I'm getting tired and lazy). Gut says 'Hawks won't win the big one. Just because the team will be about the same, doesn't mean they'll perform the same.

New York Giants
WR Sinorice Moss has great potential, and great genes being the little brother of Santana Moss. And if Eli Manning improves as much as he did between his first and second year, I think this team could go very far.

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