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NFL Draft '06 Analysis, 5 of 5
by jeanette   August 7, 2006

nfl, draft I Love Football! This year, I was obsessed with the draft and I can't wait for football season to start, which always culminates in me and Rick forcing David and his wife Shannon to have a Super Bowl party - since they have the house and biggest TV - and TiVo. (editor's note: technically, it's HD-TiVo. Take it.) Here are my 2006 Draft thoughts, slightly colored with a St. Louis Rams and USC bias.

Washington Redskins
Please change that offensive name already. How did this team not get a first round draft pick? I think Jason Campbell will end up being the #1 QB, and if he can "do a Rothlisberger," step in and make plays, with Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, and Antwaan Randle El, don't miss a Giants/Washington game.

Chicago Bears
No first-round picks here either, but whoever wants to be the quarterback for this team better bust some ass. I think the order will be Rex Grossman, Brian Griese and then Kyle Orton trying to move up. The Bears will be a contender even if Grossman gets hurt. They will win their division with their eyes closed and two hands tied behind their backs.

Atlanta Falcons
Michael Vick needs to start earning that 100 million.

Summing It All Up:

Obvious Biggest Steals:
Matt Leinart at #10 and LenDale White # 45 second round.

Who will get Brady Quinn:
That's a long list - here's who will need him the most - Oakland, Kansas City, Houston, Buffalo, Detroit, Baltimore, Minnesota, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Jets. Who will get him? Tough one. It will be between Houston or Minnesota.

Teams that will vastly improve and could really surprise:
New Orleans, Arizona, San Fran. I also think the Arizona Cardinals could win the NFC West whether Warner stays healthy or not. New Orleans is biggest long shot.

OK. Now's the time I make totally random, ill-informed guesses at which teams will be the last 8 standing. I promise to keep changing my mind every day of every week of the season. I kind of hate myself for going for the obvious choices in the AFC, but I think I've picked some surprises in the NFC:
  • AFC East - New England Patriots
  • AFC North - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • AFC South - Jacksonville Jaguars
  • AFC West - San Diego Chargers
  • AFC Champion - New England Patriots
  • NFC East - New York Giants
  • NFC North - Chicago Bears
  • NFC South - New Orleans Saints
  • NFC West - St. Louis Rams (loyalty vote)
  • Winner NFC - St. Louis Rams (again, a loyalty vote -- more likely New York Giants)

2007 Superbowl Winner: New England Patriots
I don't want them to win, but with that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick duo, I can't help it. My second choice: the St. Louis Rams!

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