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An Ode to Minot, ND
by david   september 13, 2004
minot, north dakota

Seriously now.
It's nine-thirty on a Friday night.
Where the hell is

Why are the windows dark?
Why are there no people
on the street?
Why is mine the only
car on the road?
Thirty-thousand plus people!
Where are you?

It's Friday.
It's not even ten o'clock.
It's seventy degrees and breezy,
for chrissake!

Shannon is crying quietly
in the passenger seat.
Her huge blue eyes dart
back and forth,
watching for something,
any sign of life.

I've seen "28 Days Later."
I've read "The Stand."
I just need to pick Jason and M up
from the train station,
and get the fuck out of here.

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