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Essentially, We All Agree
by kirk   February 7, 2007

partisan Your reason is because you agree or disagree
You agree or disagree because your view is different or the same
Your view is what it is because your influences vary
Your influences vary because of where you were, who you were with and what you were doing, why and how you were doing it and to what extend you wanted it or not
You were in those situations because of who made you
You were made...because...

You argue because you believe the way you believe
You believe because you "just know" deep inside
You just know deep inside because of chemicals and biology and spirituality and knowledge or for some unknown material or explanation you dare not or care not explore
You have those equities JUST because...or because...or maybe you have no such equities...
You can rationalize and/or not, these particular ideas...because...

You recognize, reconcile and relax because you are who you are
You have these abilities because you exist, or at least assume you exist
You exist or else you don't exist because you either accept it or not
Your judgment in such matters is either visceral or emotional or faith based or
in the middle (or you'd rather not talk about it or think about it)
You question it or not because you either search or don't care
You continue...because...

Your purpose is self-determined, or else it's predetermined, or else it's just an
accident, coincidence, design, or none of the above or all of the above
Your understanding of this is either great, little, none or in the middle
Your description of how and why and where and what your decision is made is
based on whether or not you question or not or care or wonder or worry or are curious or are confused or pissed or interested or bored or stupid or smart or yearning...
Your ultimate answer assuming you want one, is your reason.


You're a putz.

A poem for the politically semantic, philosophically redundant, religiously over-zealous, the practically impotent, the mathematically inconclusive, the scientifically obtuse, the spiritually redonkulous, the moderately boring, the physically asinine, and the criminally insane. (And my friend, Troy, the great equalizer -- there is no religion yet in the name of Troy, Amen.)

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