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Someone Has To Do It
The President's State of the Union

by athena    February 10, 2003

I warn everyone right off the bat that this article may be biased in that I'm a lesbian, an atheist, and I despise the Republicans. I can only touch on parts of it. So-

First of all, I hate the fact that the Republican Party is called the GOP - "Grand Old Party." Old, yes. Grand, no.

So the speech. George W. started out with the usual blah, blah, blah where everybody applauded after every line. He said all the right things. He's got smart people around him telling him what people want to hear, like holding corporate criminals to account, fixing health care (which is in a dire state), making hydrogen-run cars. I shall comment on that - good ideas, but bullshit coming from him. Bush was elected on big oil money, there's not a lot of "big hydrogen" money.

He made a comment that "we should not pass our problems to other presidents or generations." That means the administration still blames Clinton for everything. He said our economy is recovering. Um, no it's not. He wants to raise the child tax credit. Now here's where I may piss some people off. People should not be rewarded for having kids. No, they shouldn't be punished either. But if you can afford kids, don't have 'em. One of the reasons there's unemployment, war and poverty is because of overpopulation. Speaking of kids, this leads me to Bush wanting a law to stop "partial-birth abortions." They've added "partial-birth" to "abortion" to make it sound worse. I am not a fan of abortion, but the solution is not to get pregnant in the first place. We need very open, candid sex education in schools, and to hand out birth control like candy. But this is a sexually repressed administration (and society) who only wants to preach abstinence, and even walked out of a UN forum about the issue because the UN wouldn't support an abstinence-only stance.

The tax-cuts Bush proposes will provide tax relief for the top 5%, which would equal all other tax relief for the bottom 95% combined. He wants his faith-based initiative passed (he snuck this in), which means giving government money to religious organizations. WRONG! He claims this does not violate separation of church and state because it encompasses all religions (sure, all Christian religions). I could go on about this as the above-mentioned atheist, but don't get me started.

One of the good things he said is giving more money to the AIDS problem, especially in Africa. Finally. But this comes from a man who tried to appoint a man by the name of Jerry Thacker to head his AIDS advisory panel, who called the disease the "gay plague," along with making other anti-homosexual remarks.

Then came Sadaam. Yes, he's very bad, but don't do anything until you have more support.

Finally, where's he gonna get all the money?

To summarize, I hate them. And the Democrats, at least right now, still don't have it together enough to win the next election. I hope they can turn it around. Not that they're much better.

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