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On the Brink: Some War-Time Reading
recommended by david   March 19, 2003

My best guess? A matter of days. I could be wrong: it could be hours, it could be weeks. But I have no doubt it will be soon. Bush refuses to listen to the so-called "focus groups" -- the millions of Americans and countless others who believe this war is unnecessary, at least at this time. Millions who think that, if we must go to war, humanitarian reasons should be our cause, not imaginary weapons of mass destruction. Millions who think that, in order to help mitigate the inevitable destabilization of the mid-east after a war (if war does indeed become necessary), we need a strong, willing, compassionate coalition of powerful, capable nations who are committed not only to quick, decisive action with minimal loss of lives, but who will stay for the long-haul -- providing medicinal, monetary, and real infrastructure support for the ravaged innocents whose lives will be forever altered by war. Millions who think that maybe, just maybe, our President should concentrate a bit harder on trying to solve our domestic issues, before committing hundreds of billions of dollars, and unknown American and Iraqi (and British, etc.) lives to an unnecessary war. Millions who think, who know, that US policy over the past two years has squandered our international goodwill, and made allies into enemies.

But, most likely, those millions will continue to be ignored. War will occur. We will likely "win." A few thousand of our young men and women will lose their lives. Tens of thousands of Iraqis will lose theirs. Global terrorism will rise, and anti-US sentiment will grow beyond its already gargantuan proportions, and we will continue marching down our path toward being the most universally hated and feared nation in human history.

CSP will have more to say next week, when Saddam has not fled Iraq within the mandated 48 hours, and we maybe know a bit more about our future. In the meantime, I recommend reading these articles, written by folks with unique and important perspectives on our US policies, and the inevitable war in Iraq.


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