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Will It Never End?
by athena   March 17, 2003

As a lesbian, and an atheist, and mostly as an intelligent woman, I am again angry. First of all David, good point on how Bush won't base his decision for war on "focus groups" (ie, anti-war demonstrations held by millions all over the world). A focus group is one gathered in a mall and paid $10 to try the new maxi pad with wings. Warning: foul language ahead.

Two problems with the world are religion, and the fact that most of it is run by men.

First: I read a Newsweek article about the God-pushing George W. Bush. George purports that "the terrorists hate the fact that we can worship Almighty God the way we see fit." He thinks the "United States was called to bring God's gift of liberty to 'every human being in the world.'" He also believes that he was "called" to seek higher office. Are you f**king kidding me? He bases all his decisions on "someone" he can't hear, can't have a non-imaginary conversation with, can't see, or can't feel. We have a leader who absolutely believes he has a mandate by god to do what he's doing. What would we think if another country's leader now or in history said that? We'd think that person was crazy, dangerous, or both. Today that person is George Bush.

On another note, you all should know that last week in the House of Representatives in Washington state, two representatives, a man and a woman, walked out of a Muslim prayer led by the imam of the Islamic Center of Olympia. Their reasons? 'Patriotism', one said, and the other cited 'lack of interest.' How f**king stupid and ignorant!! First of all, there should be no prayer anyway. But, the Muslim priest was an AMERICAN CITIZEN, so I don't understand how he's unpatriotic. His prayer was a message of hope and peace. Lack of interest for hope and peace?

Also, YAY to the upholding of not being able to say the Pledge in public school. If the mention of God (the Christian one) is not religious, then what is? And don't tell me it's non-secular. This will go to the Supreme Court, who is always talking about the "sprit" of things when interpreting the Constitution. Well, the 'spirit' under which God was added to the Pledge (no it was not there originally) was during the Eisenhower reign who wanted to separate the U.S. from the communist, 'heathen' Russians.

And a note on all the swept-under-the-carpet rapes at the Air Force Academy. Women who were raped who came forward were told that it was probably their fault, don't rock the boat, or to get over it. No, I'm not surprised. But this leads to the problem with men running the world. Women don't rape. OK, there may have been that ONE time you think you heard of...but please, any man who was raped by a woman, think about it, what a pussy. I bet the Air Force Academy would do something if men came forward because they were raped by a man or by a woman shoving a broomstick up their ass. Oh, yes, I'd bet there'd be some action taken then.

So let me ask you, how many wars have been started by atheists or women?

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