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The World Is Not Enough (DVD)
starring: Pierce Brosnan, Robert Carlyle, Sophie Marceau, Denise Richards

by David
May 26, 2000

Right up front I'm going to admit that I've hugged Denise Richards. She seemed very sweet, she's very pretty, she smelled nice, and she was pleasant to hug.

But she is not a nuclear physicist. And no matter how many times she says "weapons-grade plutonium" and no matter how may shots you show of her diffusing a nuclear warhead, you can't make me believe she is one. Especially when she's doing it all in biker-shorts and a sports bra.

That out of the way, The World is Not Enough is an all right movie, as Bond movies go -- certainly better that the last Bond installment, cleverly titled Lets See if Teaming Bond with a Karate Woman and Making a Tony Award Winning Actor a Villain Helps Our Sagging Box Office Results. This time, Bond is back to his old self -- there are almost as many "cut away right before sex" scenes as their are high-speed chases, Bond shoots roughly 7,000 people, every 8.5 minutes something explodes, and a hot chick turns out to be evil after all (ooh, did I give away the "surprise?").

There is a lot about the movie to like, if you are a Bond Fan. Pierce Brosnan is excellent -- possibly the best Bond yet, and at least the best Bond since Sean Connery. He is smooth, charming, and adds just the right combination of intelligence and humor to the aging superspy. Sophie Marceau is strong as well -- she makes a good effort in trying to turn a typically thin "Bond Girl" character into something more. Dame Judi Dench is great as "M" (she's a great example of how a top-notch actress can retain her dignity even in the thinnest of roles). Robert Carlyle is fine (if horribly underused) in his role as the villain. And Denise Richards is pretty. Lots of stuff explodes, and James Bond drives, skis, falls from hot air ballons, goes underwater, and shoots stuff.

I won't review the plot -- not much deviates from almost every other James Bond movie. The bad guy is an ex-russian spy/anarchist. The good guy is James Bond with some hot chicks. One of the chicks is really bad. James Bond wins. Not highly inventive, but still somehow satisfying.

Production values are, of course, high. Sound quality on the DVD (with a Dolby Digital 5.1 system and good speakers) is incredible. Visuals are stunning, and the effects prove that Hollywood can totally blow shit up.

Really, the only thing The world is Not Enough has going against it is a pretty standard plot (which most James Bond fans will forgive), and Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist (which no thinking person can ever forgive). See it if you like Bond movies. Just remember to focus your attention on Denise's body and not the words coming out of her mouth, and you'll probably be okay.

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