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Our privacy policy is simple: If you give us your email address, we keep it in a safe place (not, for example, on our web servers). We don't sell or give it to anybody else. We use it only to send you CSP news and updates, and we promise not to send those too often (a couple a month, at most -- even if we wanted to do more, we're just to busy).

Seriously, this is the best privacy policy ever. While we can't afford to pay or to certify our privacy statements, we give you our good old fashioned born and bred midwestern promise. Like my mom always said, "If you break your promises, I'm gonna let Uncle Alvin take you out back behind the shed again, and this time I won't come a'runnin with the garden hose when you start to scream." And no one wants that, especially not me.

Sam Brown's Red Robot stars in this classic essay.
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